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What is Scribd?

Scribd is a digital document library, with over 170M documents and counting. Find and upload text on every topic and niche — all for one monthly subscription.

We pronounce it /skribbed/
Read or listen on various devices such as phone, tablet, or desktop
Read or listen on various devices such as phone, tablet, or desktop

Explore every topic and idea

Discover something new

Our ever-expanding digital document library includes academic papers, legal documents, DIY hobbies, manuals, and more.

Find and share documents on any topic, and get answers you won’t find anywhere else.

Get custom recommendations

We use a combination of editorial expertise, machine learning, and search technologies to suggest related items across our range of material.

Whatever you’re interested in, we’ll find related documents that might be helpful.

Grow your audience

Share your ideas and knowledge with an active, interested audience.

It’s free to upload your documents to Scribd, giving you access to a global community of readers.

At Scribd, we believe in the power of the written (and spoken) word

You may be a reader or a writer. You may be looking for a specific document or to improve your life personally or professionally. No matter what your goals are, we support you.

Our Mission

We believe that reading opens doors, and part of our mission is to change the way the world reads by providing a wide range of reading material at a price that is fair for both creators and consumers.

Protecting intellectual property

We take copyrights seriously. We continue to protect the rights of authors, publishers, and creators by acting quickly on valid notifications of copyright infringement. We also have a rapid response group to respond to take down requests.Learn more

Community publishing

Scribd started as an open publishing platform, a place where anyone can share their ideas with the world, quickly, easily, and for free.

Supporting authors

Your subscription payments allow us to pay our staff and the creators who make Scribd possible. We keep the price low by minimizing our advertising costs. We rely on our community of subscribers and creators to spread the word about the quality and value that we provide.

Get the Scribd app

Use Scribd through any web browser, Android, or iOS device. Download for offline access. Install the apps to try them out:

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How does Scribd work?

For a low monthly fee, subscribers gain access to our entire library, both on the web and via our Android and iOS mobile apps. All users can upload their own content to our document library and access many documents shared by our community at no cost.

To get started, start a 30 day free trial to see how you like it. Your card on file will be charged after 30 days, and we will notify you via email beforehand. Cancel anytime.

I’m looking for ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, sheet music or podcasts - where can I find them?

Looking for your favorite titles? Head over to Everand, your new home for ebooks, audiobooks, and so much more.

How much does Scribd cost?

Scribd costs per month. This includes access to Scribd's library across all content types and supported devices, whether you're reading documents on your desktop or on your phone.

Where can I read documents?

Our library is available when you visit Scribd’s website, or you can take Scribd wherever you go with our app for iOS or Android mobile devices! If you’re on the road, up in the air or just disconnecting, you can download content for offline use.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your Account Settings. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll have access to Scribd’s library until any remaining membership time expires.

Have more questions? Visit our Help & FAQs.

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